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Fell Farm Fresh Herdwick Lamb

Millbeck Farm Herdwick Lamb is deliciously tasting, delicately flavoured and reared completely naturally on the Langdale Fells of the English Lake District. Herdwick is the Traditional local breed of the Lakeland Fells and possesses a unique nature to ' heft' ( the instinct to remain in a particular part of the fells ) So our sheep are allowed to graze wild and free on the hillsides. Our Herdwicks are not mass produced, factory farmed or force fed but slow matured - it is ready when it is ready.

This stress - free environment and high standard of animal welfare produces a meat of exceptional eating quality, with a fuller flavour and succulent texture. Our Herdwick is prepared by professional butchers to each customers individual requirements, all the meat is ready to cook or suitable for freezing.

Herdwick Mutton

Herdwick Mutton has a distinctive taste resulting from the additional time these hardy sheep take to mature and their feeding on the natural grasses, wild herbs and heather's of The Lake District Fells.

We can arrange delivery direct to your door or alternatively you can collect by arrangement.   

Traditional Angus and Shorthorn Beef

At Millbeck Farm we also rear Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn Cattle. These classic beef breeds are grown naturally and fed on the lush, sweet grass of our farm at the head of the Great Langdale Valley.

The stress - free upbringing, traditional Angus and Shorthorn qualities and our high standards of animal husbandry produce beef like you remember - tender, tasty and with the old fashioned marbling that gives it such a superior flavour.


Millbeck Farm,
Great Langdale,
Near Ambleside,
LA22 9JU


If you would like to make a booking enquiry or would like more information about our local produce :

Phone: +44 (0) 15394 37364